The technical innovation adopted for the project is the MIVAN system of construction that prevents leakages and damp walls. The monolithic casting with high grade concrete gives highest quality of surface finish, making the building more seismic-resistant and durable. It also helps to reduce construction time and in on-time delivery.

  • Earthquake resistant
  • Reinforced concrete cement structure

External finish

The external finish has been taken care of at the root level. The paint that is used is formulated in a way that forms a thick, seamless, durable membrane, enhancing the longevity of the walls and providing a protection that can withstand any weather condition.

  • Weather proof external paint

Interior finish

The interior and exterior of any structure is like two sides of the same coin, and equal importance has been given to the interior finish as well. The putty finish of the apartment acts as a water-resistant base coat, which provides a protective base for the exterior walls and the paints used for the exterior finish.

  • Putty finish for the apartment
Internal finish


For the flooring, vetrified tiles have been used. Vitrified tiles are formed by the process of vetrification hence it is a very strong and homogeneous material, and most importantly, since it’s scratch and stain resistant, it reduces the maintenance cost.

  • Vitrified tiles


The kitchen counters have been made with granite, where placing hot items or cutting on it will never damage the surface. Once sealed, granite is stain resistant. Now working in the kitchen will be tension free and time saving.

  • Granite counter with stainless steel sink
  • Dado of ceramic tiles 2 feet above the counter platform
  • Electrical point for refrigerator, water purifier, microwave and exhaust fan
Toilet image


Anti-slip tiles are used for commercial or residential purposes, because of its non-slip property. Often times, these anti-slip tiles are used outdoors along with swimming pool tiles to ensure that people who have gotten out of the pool or those walking beside do not fall unto the water due to slipping. Now the fear of skidding will no longer exist, as anti-skid ceramic tiles have been used in the toilet floors.

  • Anti-skid ceramic tiles
  • Tiles on the wall upto door height
  • Sanitary ware of reputed brand


Concealed wiring has the advantage of running wires in a conduit that allows larger amounts of wire which is more efficient, provides greater protection and also has the greater ability to expand the electrical system.

  • Concealed wiring and modular switched

Capital City

Doors windows

Doors & Windows

Flush doors offer durability and stability with attractive appearances. For the best look as well as for the longevity, flush doors is any day the best option. With polished doors and windows, your house is ready to be called the perfect home.

  • Main door – flush door with teak finish on the external side
  • Internal doors – painted/polished flush doors
  • Windows – anodized aluminium sliding windows; grill optional at extra cost


Its difficult for the old members of the family to climb up stairs or wait for long, if there’s one elevator. Hence we have equipped the apartments with two elevators for a hassle-free movement.

  • Two elevators of reputed make in each block
  • All Final finishing material will be as per sale agreement
Lift image

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